Feelings Aren’t Facts; They’re Signals

Feelings are real, but they are not facts. They are:

  • Signals that you are having a thought, opinion or belief about something or someone.
  • The byproducts of your thoughts, interpretations, ideas, concepts, stories and beliefs.
  • Subjective – they are “in the eye of the beholder”, neither right nor wrong.
  • Ever changing.
  • Fleeting – they come and go.

Feelings aren’t the problem, it’s how we respond to them that can cause trouble.

Be curious about your feelings rather than judging them. Don’t avoid them and don’t get caught up in them, just observe them.

Treat feelings like the signals they are. When you see a yellow light, you slow down and gather information before proceeding. Pay attention to your feelings and take time to consider them before reacting to them.

If you or someone you love is having trouble managing emotions, talk to a mental health professional. A good therapist can give you some tips and techniques for coping with overwhelming feelings. You can find mental health professionals in your area through online therapist locators such as those hosted by the American Psychological Association, Psychology Today, Network Therapy and GoodTherapy. You can also call the behavioral health number on the back of your insurance card or visit your insurance company website to get some referral options.

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