Mindfulness Teacher Mentorship

Dr. Ochester is an approved Mentor for aspiring MBCT teachers through the University of California San Diego Mindfulness Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI). According to the MBPTI, one-on-one mentorship is seen as a key component of development for new, as well as experienced teachers of Mindfulness-Based programs. The MBPTI defines mentorship as: “A contractual arrangement between a mentor and mentee which focuses on a mentee’s mindfulness-based teaching in secular settings and supports the ongoing development of personal practice. The purpose of this arrangement is to promote competency and best practice skills for teaching mindfulness in secular settings and to encourage the relevance of applying the principles of mindfulness in everyday life”.

UCSD-approved mentors agree to a standard hourly rate of $155. Dr. Ochester provides mentorship for MBCT teachers only at this time. Mentees must have completed a training intensive in their program of interest and have a course scheduled with at least 8 participants enrolled in which all participants have agreed to recording and observation. Before contacting Dr. Ochester for an initial consult, please carefully review the Training Pathway and Mentorship Document Packet for your particular program:

Please also visit the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness for more teacher training resources.

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