Private Practice Mentoring

Tracy Ochester, PsyD is a psychologist with 17 years in private practice.

Mentoring Fees

Net Household IncomeFee (per 45 minute service hour)
$100,000 +$150
$75 – 99,999$120
$50 – 74,999$100

Schedule a Zoom meeting using my secure portal and note that you’re seeking mentoring. Disregard the client paperwork. A mentoring questionnaire will be assigned to you.

Opening your private practice is a big step.

Back when I first opened my private practice over 17 years ago, I longed for someone who had the time, motivation, and know-how to help guide me through the many unknowns. In hindsight, there were some expectations that needed adjusting and some pitfalls as well as time and money wasters I could have avoided. As I transition into my final years of practice, I’m feeling ready to share what I’ve learned with others.

What I have experience with:

  • Setting up a business and managing it
  • Running a solo, private pay, adult therapy/all ages testing practice
  • Finding, stewarding and sharing practice space
  • Developing a balanced relationship with necessary self-promotion and reasonable reimbursement
  • The particulars of a testing and assessment practice
  • Cultivating healthy work-life balance
  • Selecting tools, service providers, and resources for creating a manageable practice
  • Nurturing passions and keeping joy alive

Book your mentoring meeting today.

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