Dr. Tracy Ochester specializes in psychodiagnostic evaluations; in-depth, comprehensive psychological testing and assessment to help clarify diagnosis and generate treatment recommendations. A full psychodiagnostic evaluation can be useful when you suspect something is wrong, but you are not sure what the problem is or how severe it is.  It can also be helpful when you’ve tried a number of interventions, but nothing seems to be working.

It can often be difficult to determine whether struggles with reading are actually dyslexia, distractibility might be ADHD, moodiness might be Bipolar Disorder, or whether memory problems are merely due to normal aging.  A full psychodiagnostic evaluation incorporating life history, school and treatment records, self and collateral (parents, teachers, partner) observations, as well as testing results may be able to help sort out the variables and come to a clearer conclusion.

Dr.  Ochester conducts evaluations for diagnosis and treatment purposes only.  Her reports are often useful to clients, parents of minors, schools, and other treating health professionals like physicians and psychiatrists.  She does not provide evaluations for the courts (forensic evaluations, such as for custody, drug/alcohol assessments, or to determine competence), the VA, or disability determinations.

If you have already been screened for dementia and your doctor has advised you to have a comprehensive neurological/neuropsychological evaluation, we recommend seeking out the services of an expert who specializes in dementia evaluations. You can see some local resources here.

If you are interested in a psychodiagnostic evaluation for yourself or a loved one, please call us or schedule an initial assessment online using our secure, HIPAA compliant system.  The first appointment will help us explore your needs so we can determine whether it makes sense to proceed with testing.

“I took my son to Dr. Ochester for an educational evaluation. She was thorough, patient, kind, and compassionate. My son is autistic and has ADHD. She found issues that I was not even aware of. She was so patient with him that he even noticed that she was patient. That is not something an autistic person normally notices. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” – 5 star review from a Google user

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