Mindful Self Compassion

**Befriend Yourself Through Mindful Self-Compassion August 13, 2017**

Want a sneak-preview first? Register for the Intro to Self-Compassion Day Retreat offered July 16th, 2017

selfcompassionstoneWe can be our own worst critics, yet we recognize the importance of relating to children, significant others, and friends with kindness and caring. Imagine the possibilities if we learned to treat ourselves with the same compassion we so easily give to others?

Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) is an 8-week program that teaches participants skills needed for greater awareness in the present moment of their own distress or suffering so they can respond with kindness and wisdom. Research is showing that self-compassion is correlated with greater happiness and wellbeing, decreased anxiety and depression, as well as healthier lifestyle habits. Participants learn how to treat themselves more like someone they love, befriending themselves, cultivating a gentle curiosity about inner experiences, motivating with encouragement rather than punishment, and coping with difficult emotions with greater calm and ease.

Compassion is the common thread that binds Dr. Ochester’s personal practice and professional work, understanding that we are best able to alleviate the suffering of others when we attend to our own. Through her coaching practice, Clear Mind Open Heart, LLC, she co-leads an 8-Week MSC course in collaboration with Self Compassion KC. Visit selfcompassionkc.com to view upcoming offerings.

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