Angie Hardage, LMLP

Angie Hardage, LMLP

Angie Hardage, LMLP is an independent therapist who is not affiliated with Ochester Psychological Services, LLC, but shares an office suite. This is a temporary page until her professional website is up and running.

Angie offers individual and group therapy as well as psychological testing for adolescents and adults. She integrates mindfulness and feminist based approaches in her work with her clients, emphasizing authenticity, collaboration, and empowerment. Angie has extensive training and experience in the delivery of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). She has over 10 years of community and clinical experience working in the area of prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Angie is certified as a clinical trauma professional (CCTP) through the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP) and has received specialized training in grief counseling, expressive therapy (art therapy), and sexual assault crisis response counseling. She completed her APPIC and APA approved clinical internship at the University of Colorado – Boulder and passed the EPPP (national licensure exam) at the doctoral level in 2011. During her internship she received specialized training in trauma and therapeutic assessment, was a member of an eating disorder treatment team, and piloted her dissertation involving the use of acceptance and commitment therapy to treat individuals struggling with disordered eating.

Contact: (913) 626-1196

Individual Therapy: Adults and adolescents, sliding scale fee per 45 minute session

Net Household Income Fee
$100,000 + $115
$75 – 99,999 $100
$50 – 74,999 $85
<$50,000 $70

Group Therapy: $40.00 per session

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Group – Creating a Life of Vitality

  • 12 week therapeutic skills group
  • Learn how the 6 core processes of ACT can support wellness through the development of psychological flexibility and emotional agility
  • Enhance quality of life and decrease distress and suffering through cultivating the skill of psychological flexibility
  • Beginner and advanced series available
  • Adult groups (2 hour) and adolescent groups (1.5 hours) available

Healing From Relationships that Hurt

  • 12 week group
  • Participants navigate the 6 stage model of healing in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment
  • Optional post-traumatic growth project

Anxious AND Awesome – Generalized/Social Anxiety and Social Skills Training for Teens and Emerging Adults

  • 12 week group
  • Learn skills to manage anxiety as well as social skills in a positive and safe therapeutic environment
  • Group will also explore the impact of social media on identity development and mental health
  • Participants are supported in being proactive in applying skills learned in group to their daily lives

Positive Parenting- Mindful Parenting for Healthy and Resilient Families

  • 12 week group
  • Participants learn to integrate mindfulness, neuroscience, and a growth mindset into their parenting practices in the context of a safe, supportive, and confidential environment
  • Learn how to support your child in navigating the impacts of social media on identity development and mental health
  • Explore the roles of self care and self compassion in parenting

Wise Mind, Middle Path

  • 16 week therapy skills group
  • Learn mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness in a safe, therapeutic and supportive environment
  • Participants are encouraged to be proactive in applying skills learned in group to
  • their daily personal, professional, and/or relational lives
  • Adult groups (2 hours) and adolescent groups (1.5 hours) available

Radiating Me – A Body Image Flexibility Skills Group

  • 12 week group
  • Explore the role of body image flexibility in navigating the 3 stages of body acceptance
  • Learn to disentangle sociocultural messages from intrinsic values in navigating body image distress
  • Adult groups (2 hours) and adolescent groups (1.5 hours) available
  • Optional scale smashing ceremony upon completion of group

Testing: Adults & adolescents, sliding scale fee (see individual therapy fees above)

“Therapeutic Assessment (TA) is a brief intervention that uses psychological assessment to help people change their lives. Clinicians practicing TA work collaboratively with clients to develop a more accurate, compassionate, clear, and useful story about themselves and the world. Decades of research show that TA helps clients feel better and more capable of taking their next steps in life.” ~ Therapeutic Assessment Institute

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