Dr. Ochester’s preferred form of meditation for her personal practice is vipassana or “insight meditation”. In the US we tend to recognize this as “mindfulness meditation”. In a 2012 report on a meta-analysis prepared by the Johns Hopkins University Evidence-based Practice Center, mindfulness meditation was found to have “moderate strength of effectiveness” in improvement of anxiety, depression, and pain.

Vipassana involves sustained attention to breathing, thoughts, feelings, and body sensations toward the direct, experiential perception of the present moment.  Through consistent practice we may clear away obscurations in order to see things without illusion and reduce suffering.

Dr. Ochester is a Certified Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy teacher and a trained Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention teacher through the University of California San Diego Mindfulness-Based Professional Teaching Institute. She teaches mindfulness meditation through the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness.

Here are some helpful resources for those interested in learning more about vipassana meditation:

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