OPS, LLC is happy to offer eTherapy – psychotherapy via secure, encrypted videoconferencing from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Though there are some situations in which online therapy is not a good fit, we have found the experience and benefits to be very similar to on-site counseling and the research is confirming this.

Current clients interested in eTherapy should call 913-735-5566 or inquire during their next scheduled appointment.

New clients can can register online using our secure, HIPAA compliant appointment scheduler. Your first appointment will be in-person, in our offices in order to help determine whether eTherapy is right for you.

Advantages of eTherapy:

  • Accessibility – you can access services if you live far away or if you can’t be away from home, if you have mobility or transportation issues, when road conditions are bad, or when you are traveling.
  • Privacy – no need to wait in a crowded waiting room for your appointment.  The video flowing across the internet is encrypted.
  • Convenience – you can access services from the comfort of your own home avoiding traffic and other hassles.
  • Time and cost savings – travel time and fuel expenses are eliminated, no need to arrange for costly child care.

Limitations of eTherapy:

  • At this time we are only able to see adult clients (18 and older) who have attended an in-person initial session to ensure it is appropriate for them.
  • Reliability issues can occur around the quality of your video or audio connection.
  • Video conferencing is not right for everyone.  Your initial on-site appointment will help us determine whether it might be right for you.

What you will need:

  • private computer with web camera and microphone
  • high speed internet connection
  • good lighting
  • videoconferencing software – we prefer to use VSee as it is HIPAA compliant, but we can also FaceTime or Skype as long as you are comfortable with their limitations.

How to sign up for eTherapy

New clients can call 913-735-5566 or use our secure, HIPAA compliant online scheduler to register and make a first appointment.  Your first meeting must be in person, on-site in our offices.  We find that meeting your therapist at least once face to face is a good way to get to know each other, see if the relationship is going to be a good match, and determine whether eTherapy is the right mode of treatment.  While there are many benefits to choosing eTherapy, for some, on-site services might be more suitable.

Existing on-site clients should talk to OPS about the possibility of adding eTherapy to their services. New clients who registered online will receive the initial paperwork via e-mail.  In addition to reading the Client Services Agreement and Privacy Notice and filling out and signing the Intake Form, new eTherapy clients must read and sign our eTherapy Informed Consent form, which will be given to you at the first meeting.

All of our other eTherapy policies remain the same as our on-site policies and can be found in our Client Services Agreement.


You will be required to have a credit card on file in order to schedule your eTherapy appointments. The most convenient way to do so is by filling out our credit card authorization form at your first meeting. All fees remain the same as with on-site meetings.

Attending Your First eTherapy Appointment

It is advised that you practice using your video camera and microphone with a friend or family member prior to your first appointment if you have never used them before.  You can test your bandwidth at

Ten minutes before your scheduled session:

  • close all other programs and windows on your computer to reduce delay and choppiness
  • make sure your camera and microphone are plugged in and working properly
  • make sure you have your phone nearby in case of technical difficulties

No more than five minutes before your scheduled session open the application and make sure it is working.  Then connect with us at your scheduled appointment time.  If you have any trouble connecting, call 913-735-5566.

Your therapist will not purposefully disconnect with you without telling you first.  If you become unexpectedly disconnected, it is likely due to technical difficulties.  If you or your therapist experience a problem with your connection during the session, you will continue by telephone until your therapist can get the problem corrected.

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