On a very limited basis, Dr. Tracy Ochester occasionally offers family therapy for couples who wish to strengthen their relationship and/or are experiencing conflict.  She welcomes couples across the gender and sexual orientation spectrum and has experience working with same sex couples as well as opposite sex couples.

Dr. Ochester often works with couples who are considering making a greater commitment in their relationship (such as getting married, living together and/or parenting children).  She helps them explore their values, anticipate potential challenges, and adjust to changes.

Couples in conflict may also benefit from family therapy through negotiating common areas of disagreement, such as intimacy, finances and parenting.  Dr. Ochester helps couples with communication difficulties through increasing trust, teaching assertiveness, and helping to set better boundaries.  Gender role and family of origin issues are also addressed where appropriate.

While Dr. Ochester will work hard to help couples grow their relationship if that is their goal, she is also experienced with helping couples who decide to separate.  She can assist them with navigating the grieving process, limiting conflict, and co-parenting more effectively.

At OPS, LLC we generally do not mix family and individual therapy with the same client; however, we can offer an appropriate referral if desired.  Legal issues (such as divorce proceedings, custody and parenting evaluations) are also not addressed by Dr. Ochester – these issues are best discussed with a mediator or attorney.  She can also provide referrals to local forensic psychologists if desired.


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